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Paver Patio Design and Build Service In Oregon City, OR
We install beautiful, functional paver patios and walkways.

A paver installation can be a stunning, low-maintenance way to enhance your landscape both visually and functionally.  Maybe you’d like a new outdoor cooking area or a backyard fire pit so you can host summer events?  Or a beautiful new paver walkway or paver driveway?  When installed properly, pavers look amazing while being easy to maintain.

What Type Of Paver Project Do You Have In Mind?

  • Do you want to rebuild an existing paver patio that has sunk or been damaged?
  • Are you looking to create a beautiful new outdoor living space?
  • Do you like the look of natural stone and want to incorporate it into your landscape?
  • Do you want to install a paver driveway?
  • Do you want to create walkways that lead you through your garden?

Grandiflora is a landscape contracting company based out of Oregon City, OR and serving the surrounding Metro area.  We specialize in the design and installation of unusually beautiful landscapes, including paver patios, outdoor cooking areas, walkways, pathways, and driveways. From a new paver patio and firepit to a beautiful backyard patio to enjoy summer evenings, we can help make your paver patio dream a reality.

Paver Patio Installation and Construction

  • Paver patio installations
  • Outdoor cooking area construction
  • Paver driveways
  • Paver pathways and walkways
  • Flagstone patios and walkways

Preparing The Area For Your New Brick Or Paver Installation

Preparation is a huge (and most important) part in building a great looking, long lasting paver landscaping feature.  If the groundwork isn't completed properly before installing the pavers you're going to be unhappy with the results - maybe not right away, but in two years when the pavers have sunken or dislodged.

At Grandiflora we take the time to ensure our paver installations are completed to the manufacturer's specifications.  This ensures your new paver landscaping looks great, lasts a long time, and can qualify for the manufacturer's warranty.

How Do We Prepare Your Ground For Pavers?

Installing paver patios, driveways, and walkways isn't rocket science but there are some very specific steps and processes that separate the good installations from the poor.

Step #1.  The first thing we need to do is measure and mark the area where your pavers will be installed. Using a string line and stakes to mark the perimeter of the area, we then spray paint or flag the locations of any corners, curves, or other features. We use a fancy digital water level to establish the exact grading and excavating work to be done.

Step #2.  We will need to remove any existing vegetation or debris from the area so we have a clean slate. We then need to excavate the area to the desired depth for your specific pavers and the base materials we'll be using.  This can vary depending on the pavers being used and other factors.

Step #3.  We then excavate the area to the desired depth. The depth of the excavation will depend on the thickness of the pavers and the height of any surrounding surfaces, such as a patio or walkway. We’re sure to allow for the thickness of the base material and any sand or other materials that will be used to level the surface.

Step #4.  We need to add base materials to the excavated area.  This usually consists of a layer of crushed gravel followed with a layer of sand.  The gravel creates a solid footing for the pavers and allows for drainage, while the sand provides a level surface that can easily be adjusted as we install the pavers.  Each layer must be compacted using a hand or machine tamper to prevent future settling.

Step #5.  We then install any necessary edging. Edging, such as metal or plastic strips, is used to hold the pavers in place and to define the edge of the paver area. Edging is installed around the perimeter of the paver area and is secured with stakes or other fasteners depending on the paver manufacturer.

Step #6.  Time to install the pavers! We begin at one corner of the paver area and work our way outward, laying the pavers in a pattern that is consistent with your design. We use a rubber mallet to tap the pavers into place, and a level to ensure they’re level and even.

By spending the proper amount of time on site preparation, you're getting a superior installation that will last and look good for many years to come.

How Our Paver Patio Installation Process Works

  • We start with our initial consultation.
  • We determine the surface area of your project. (to determine material requirements)
  • We take into account any specific challenges your property might pose for our team.
  • We consult with you on the specific materials you’d like.
  • We’ll provide you with an accurate written quote.

The amount of work required for this type of landscaping project can vary greatly from property to property dependent on many factors. The slope of your property, existing site and soil conditions, drainage, size and scope of the project, the particular materials being used, and your budget will all be considered. We’ll be able to offer you an accurate estimate only after an initial site visit and material consultation.

Why Choose Grandiflora To Install A Paver Patio?

When you choose Grandiflora for your paver patio installation you are partnering with a small, locally owned landscaping business that specializes in superior craftsmanship, attention to detail and excellent communication.  We are large enough to install pavers for outdoor hardscapes of all shapes and sizes but we’re still small enough to give your new paver project the specific care and attention it needs to be a durable and long-lasting improvement to your property.

We strongly believe in serving our customers and respect how big a step it is to undertake an improvement to your property. We do everything we can to help ensure our clients happiness with every project we take on. We will conduct ourselves professionally on your property at all times, leaving nothing behind but your new installation (and hopefully a smile on your face).

If you want to schedule an estimate for your paver patio construction project then please give us a call at 503-387-7311 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.

Paver Patio Pricing Information


The patios we build are next level.  If you want a luxurious, beautiful, patio it's going to take careful thought, creativity, and planning.  Our patio designs are masterfully put together by the best of the best.

Small Landscape Design Cost

Small Patios

$8000 - $15,000

This would be for a smaller (150 to 300 sq ft) front or backyard basic paver patio.  This includes site prep, labor, materials, and installation.

Medium Sized Landscape Design

Medium Sized Patios

$15,000 - $50,000

This would be for a medium sized (300 to 500 sq ft) front or backyard patio.  This could include additional elements such as lighting, seating, surrounding gardens, and more.

Large Landscape Design Cost

Large Luxury Patios

$50,000 - $150,000+

This would be for a larger project 700+ sq ft including an entire backyard, outdoor living space, retaining walls, garden beds, and more.  This is landscape design for a very high-end, luxury home.

Our Backyard Patios Can Include


The sky is the limit when it comes to building a patio for in your backyard.  We can incorporate any or all of the following elements into your new paver patio.

Built-in Seating
Gazebo or Pergola
Hot Tub Area
LED Lighting
Outdoor Bar
Outdoor Kitchen
Paver Inlay Designs
Privacy Fencing
Seat Walls
Built-in Stairs
Garden Beds
Water Features

These price ranges do not including steps or retaining walls if they are needed for your project.  All patios have a 5 inch compacted open graded base.  This pricing is for a basic installation.  If you want "extras" such as built in firepits, kitchens, electrical, lighting, and seating walls, they can be added for additional cost.

These prices are ball park figures just to give you a rough idea as to what you should expect for costs.  Your particular project may vary depending on site accessibility, the specific materials chosen, and the overall scope of work.  If you need a firm price please request a consultation so we can view your potential project, listen to your ideas, and determine the actual scope of work required to complete your project.  After our on-site consultation we'll be able to provide you with a firm estimate to complete your patio construction project.

What Our Clients Say...


We strive for 100% customer satisfaction through prompt communication and following through on our promises 


Max and his team greatly improve the landscaping around our home in NW Portland in preparation for listing it for sale. From a design perspective, he had a wonderful strategy of where to focus on a large property to maximize value. The installation and irrigation was done correctly and without issues. The new gardens showed really well, were easy to maintain during the sales period, and we more than recouped our landscaping investment with Grandiflora Gardens.

Melinda Geist October 16, 2022

I’ve never seen such professional and aesthetically minded landscapers. Lex and Zach knew their equipment (and used it SO efficiently!) that I could trust their work at an extremely high comfort level. Our job was not done as early as expected, but it was because of a very wet spring and our location/soil type. If I had the money, I’d hire this company for all my landscaping needs. They suggested good options for situations, and let me choose the option I liked, even when it wasn’t their favorite. Great company, and incredible staff.

Nancy stash July 19, 2022

Max not only gave me the most reasonable bid for the job, but he did great work and returned as soon as the system needed some tweaking. Outstanding customer service!

William J September 8, 2018

I had a great experience with Max from Earth, Water and Wood and would highly recommend hiring them. Max was professional, prompt and incredibly knowledgeable. I hired him to help out with a broken sprinkler head. He was able to fix the problem quickly and then did a full review of our sprinkler system and made some recommendations and changes to improve our system's efficiency and cut down our water usage costs. I highly recommend hiring Earth, Water and Wood.

Julia McGinnis August 17, 2018

Max and his crew are great! We've been working together for about 8 years now and my garden is a testament to his knowledge about plants and trees. Everything is thriving! He's easy to schedule with, he and crew are friendly, knowledgable people, and I feel very comfortable having them work around my house. I highly recommend them!

Nancy Smith April 2, 2018

Max, the owner of earth water and wood has been absolutely fantastic with communication and did an amazing job with Lighting in my front yard. I highly recommend and will be using his services in the future for all other properties that need landscape care or lighting needs.

Laurel Harris March 28, 2018

Our HOA property (River Royal Terrace) is fortunate to have found Earth, Water & Wood to rehab and care for our gardens and lawn. Max, owner, has been proactive in designing and carrying out his vision. His crew is exceedingly friendly and knowledgeable. We look forward to Spring's beauty and continuing this relationship. Thank you EWW!

Jana Flores January 7, 2018

I highly recommend Earth, Water & Wood. I had some difficulty finding someone who would take care of basic mowing for my lawn in Milwaukie at a reasonable price and I finally found it with these guys. They do a great job at mowing but not scaring my lawn and have great crews that come to do the work. I will definitely follow through and use them again next spring when lawn season starts up again.

Barbara Fries December 4, 2017

Choose The Right Paver Patio Builder


We've designed and built some of the most beautiful patios in Oregon City, OR.

3D-landscape-design (7)

So, You Want A Beautiful Backyard Patio...?

There are dozens and dozens of landscapers you could choose from throughout our area to design and build your new paver patio.  They range from small one man show type businesses to very large companies with lots of overhead.

Somewhere in the middle is the contractor that's probably best suited to build your new patio.  Finding a landscaping contractor you can trust to take your vision and transform it from a beautiful design concept into a patio you can relax on and enjoy with friends and family is your ultimate goal.

You're not hiring a landscaping company.  You're hiring a team of skilled craftsman to improve your lifestyle and help you get more enjoyment out of your home.  It's an important distinction.

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Landscaper To Build Your Patio?

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out who to hire to design and build your paver patio.  To make things easier when trying to determine who the right landscape design/build contractor is for your patio project is, start with these questions.

Do they specialize in design/build projects of the same scope and scale of the project you have envisioned for your property?  If yes, how long have they been in business?

Do they have great reviews from other homeowners who've hired them to design and build their landscape?

Do they offer any type of workmanship warranty or any after sales service if there is ever a problem?

Do they have photos and references of the work they are capable of doing?

pation imstallation

Request Your Paver Patio Consultation