Organic Weed Control

We focus on nurturing healthy lawns without using herbicides

Organic Weed Control For Your Lawn
Weed control without harmful herbicides

Are you looking for organic weed control? There are a few methods of organic weed control that can help reduce the amount of weeds in your lawns and garden.

There are many types of undesirable weeds that commonly afflict lawns and gardens throughout Oregon.  These are weeds like Crab Grass, White Clover or Dandelions and a host of other noxious weeds that are both native to our area and non-native.

While organic weed control can be an effective means to control weeds in an otherwise healthy lawn, it's going to be the solution for a lawn that is already over-run with weeds.  It pains us to say it, but in those situations the initial use of herbicides to known the weeds down to a more manageable state is more effective.  Once the lawn is healthy, it will be more resilient to future weed growth and organic methods can keep the weeds in check.

Grandiflora is a lawn care and landscaping company based out of Oregon City, OR and serving the surrounding area.  We specialize in the removal of weeds from lawns and gardens using mainly organic methods whenever we know they will be effective.

What Type Of Weeds Do You Have?

You can get a detailed list of lawn weeds common in Oregon by visiting the Oregon State University website where you'll find a PDF containing the most common weeds found in Oregon landscapes and lawns.

If you recognize what you’re dealing with on your property please let us know when you contact us so we can offer more detailed information when we reply to you.

Getting rid of weeds properly can be a long process, especially if we're using organic only methods.  If the weeds in your lawn are already out-of-control then the best, most-effective option is to spray and we have a few different products at our disposal depending on how severe the problem is or how aggressive you’d like to get.

As mentioned above already, when the weed problem is under control and your lawn is growing healthy again, organic weed control methods can be an effective tool to keep the weeds at bay.

If you’d like to schedule our weed control services for your property please give us a call 503-387-7311 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.

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